PsyWave is not an artist, but rather a wave of consciousness… A digital music project, exploring & experimenting with sounds.

All tracks are made using the free and Open Source LMMS software.


“The Album”

“The Album” is a 7 track themed album, each track containing vocals from an influential person.
  1. The Cosmos (v. Carl Sagan) [90% complete]
  2. The Project (v. Jaque Fresco) [70% complete]
  3. The Message (v. Charlie Chaplin) [60% complete]
  4. The People (v. tba) [0% complete]
  5. The Battle (v. J. F. Kennedy) [50% complete]
  6. The Mind (v. tba) [10% complete]
  7. The Stillness (v. tba) [10% complete]

“Black Canvas”

“Black Canvas” attempts to dive into the deeper realms of space & sound.
  1. Cosmic Waters [50% complete]
  2. Space of Life [60% complete]

“Collaborative Vibrations”

“Collaborative Vibrations” is an album experimenting with taking recordings from professional artists using natural instruments and merging it with electronic sounds.
  1. The Fire [50% complete]

DJ PsyWave

DJ PsyWave is a collection of playlists and mixes.

Psy Life

Deep Life

Deeper Life