My journey started when I quit that monday-to-friday stress-depress city job, packed a backpack, and hit the open road. I traveled for 3 years without money, volunteering for food, water, shelter… serving and observing people.

It has been a rough tough adventure full of experiences, understandings and skills which I picked up along the way.

I started a project to assist & join Eco-communites together and tackle a bigger problem that’s running around the world, which led me into web development and working with different Linux operating systems.

It’s now over 5 years that I am using free open source software, secure encrypto-algo-whatises, without the WhatsDown Fa*ebook MicroS**t nonsense, which to me makes more sense!

I want to serve people with the skills I’ve acquired and help them cross the bridge to a new era and way of using technology harmoniously… I mean cum’on peeps its 2020 already, there ain’t no time for the but buts no more.. we gotta be the change we want to see…

In all honesty, technology is beyond my comprehension or any 1 particular professional. It has grown to a degree that is ridiculous, just like life itself is ridiculously both simple and complex, comprehensible on some level at it’s roots & infinitely incomprehensible at the collection of it’s branches.

Part of my mission, is to provide that bridge between humanity & technology, and be a guide in helping one cross it (more) safely, confidently and with better understanding. And ofcourse, helping one understand why we are crossing it… and ultimately what awaits one at the end of human technological endeavor.

I can help you with your tech, build a website, or have a look at your pc remotely if you’re having “technical difficulties”…

wait whats that… you’re still using gmail? cum’on… you are behind the pack bro, have a try at Proton, you cant go wrong that’s some atomic stuff right there ;D

Have a look at my full range of my services and check out my other projects maybe we can collaborate 😉

Otherwise you are welcome to hang around, there’s a lot of cool stuff here, but you gotta go through ‘The PORTAL’ O_O…